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This past New Years holiday, my boyfriend and I decided to travel to his mountain cabin in West Virginia.  It's set back in a beautiful, wooded location with roads made of mud and loose gravel.  The drive up the mountain to the cabin is awesome.  The roads wind around the mountain and as you travel upward you pass beautiful creeks,  farms, and wildlife.  Even in the winter, when all the trees are leafless and all that should be green is brown, the mountain side still looks breath taking.

We decided we wanted to ring in the new year with good company; so we invited six of our friends ( three other couples) to come up with us to the cabin.  After me and Adam spent a couple nights alone, the rest of our party came and joined us in the mountain bliss.  We had an amazing time.  We went skiing at Timberline, hiked the lower part of a trail at Seneca Rocks and then hiked the entire mountain including the free climb at the end at Seneca Rocks.  We partied all night, and woke up early every morning.  Sometimes our gurests were cranky for being woken up so early, but I  just couldn't wait to see what adventure the next day would bring.  Eventually, they loved me for it! :)

Martini came too and enjoyed every minute of the trip.  From frolicking outside on her own, to climbing the entire trail and free climb of Seneca Rock by herself; she ate the whole trip up.  The poor thing slept for two days after we got home.

The Seneca hike was one of the best moments of the trip.  It was raining, and the gate was closed when we arrived.  Determined as ever, all of us made the pass through the gate, up the muddy, under construction trail, and then finally up the jagged rocks.  With our boots bearing mud, and our jackets dripping wet, we made it!

And after an awesome New Years day hike, we celebrated an awesome start to the year by partying the night away in a haze of mountain wonderment.

Good music, Good Food, and Great Company. . . Happy 2011 folks! 


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