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I never wanted a roommate in college.  I always enjoyed living alone.  I had a roommate my freshman year of college but after that rented an apartment in town off campus.  After my senior year I only needed to attend one more semester to finish up my last minor.  It made no sense for me to pay for another years rent, so I decided to move back onto campus for that one semester.

I was placed in a room in the new dorm on campus with a freshman named Whitney.  She was very quiet and very clean and organized like me.  She seemed cool and didn't act as your typical freshman did so I thought we were the perfect match!  Whitney and I got closer and got along very well.  We would go out sometimes during the week to our favorite mexican restaurant and have margaritas.  It became our little ritual. 

Whitney was dating a lifelong friend named Chad.  I knew they were perfect for each other and she was head over heels in love with him.  Chad was deployed at the time fighting for our country in the marine corps and Whitney stood by his side throughout the whole thing.  I couldn't understand at the time, but now having gone through that myself, I now know how hard it is and how if you truly love someone you can get through it.  

Chad came home safe and Whitney was the happiest I have ever seen her.  It wasn't too many months after that, that they were engaged.  :)  

After years of marriage they are [finally] getting ready to welcome their first child to the world.  I couldn't of been happier when she told me she was pregnant and I was honored when she asked me to take her maternity shots.   

Whitney your a doll and I had so much fun doing this shoot with you. I wish you, Chad, Bella and baby girl all the best.  Mama Katie is so proud of you . 


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