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I have always loved living in the country.

Just recently I moved back to my hometown and have been shocked at how much cooler it is in the northern part of Virginia.  I only moved from about three hours away, so the fact that there is a climate difference, shocked me.  The leaves on the trees have turned and the fiery painted mountains paired with brisk air is a sign that fall is here.

I love to watch the leaves turn colors.  Its amazing how seasons bring about a change that is almost magical.

The best part about the country is the back roads.  They provide some of the prettiest scenes.  You can tell when a road is untraveled in the fall because when you drive down it the leaves form a mini tornado and flutter around as if they were bees buzzing out of a hive.

While taking one of my daily scenic adventures, I got lost amongst some leaves...

....The leaves were twinkling in the sunlight, and so was I.

I love the fall.


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