The Ransom Gallery

I'm Kinda A Goof Ball. Always Having Fun. Catching What I Can On Camera As I Go.

I drove around good ol' Ferrum one day some odd months ago, and snapped a couple pictures of the beauty I seem to find in your everyday places.  I think the most awkward things in nature are absolutely beautiful; like a decrepit house, or an overgrown pasture.  
I don't know why I am so obsessed with natural light and randoms shots, but sometimes the best pictures are of things with absolutely no importance what so ever.  

I find it fun and adventurous to just drive around and see what I can find.  Sometimes I get rewarded with something really cool.  Other times, just the same, plain everyday things we use in life, discarded on the ground.

My favorite thing to find is an old house or interesting building.  I love the stories that I make up in my mind as to what the building used to be, or who may have lived there once before.

No matter where I go, I always find something worth capturing.  I love the unordinary.


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