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I have to admit i have been pretty bad about updating the blog! I do apologize to any of the fans out there that keep checking in for something new.. however.. I have some GREAT news ...

 .... I have been majorly busy lately with the anticipation of the love of my life returning home from Afghanistan.  7.5 months later, he is finally home and words cannot even remotely describe how happy I am.

Adam returned home on Monday, August 8th to his base in NC.  After not sleeping for many days, I was finally able to get my butt down there to see him get off the bus and back onto american soil.  I don't think I have ever cried tears of joy, but that day.. the tears were flowing and boy was I happy.

A funny face .. :) 

 A hug...
and a kiss...

And then a much deserved beach trip! We had a blast and boy were we happy to see each other.  I am SO proud of him and all that he has accomplished.  He truly is my hero and I have never felt this way about any one in my entire life.  I love you Adam. 


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